Welcome to Empowered Sisterhood

You're on your journey. You don't have to go it alone.

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You want to dive deep.

When you commit to going on your healing journey and start walking towards a more authentic and intentional life, you start craving a different kind of relationship. You look for more honest and vulnerable connection. You want to surround yourself with women on their own journeys who give you the space to be yourself so you can feel truly seen and heard. You desire to show up as your true self.

Why Join Us?

You are on your path and believe our core values to be true. 

We all have inherent self-worth and our value comes from being, not doing. You practice self-love and acceptance. We support each other best when we honor that and let go of judgment of ourselves and each other. 

Join our online community and surround yourself with women just like you who are committed to showing up as their true selves.

Our community benefits include:

  • Unlimited Paid Events. While an online community can be an engaging space, nothing replaces face-to-face interaction where we can have real time connection. Attend paid events (ranging from $20-$25/each) designed for authentic connection and personal growth for FREE.
  • Member Only EventsWhether live or scheduled, you have access to all member only events designed for community building, including access to archives for past live events.
  • Self-Guided Courses. You have access to self-guided courses designed for personal growth. Whether they include videos, books, journaling, worksheets and more, take just the courses that appeal to you or take them all.
  • Discounts on Workshops. You will be able to attend custom workshops designed for inner work and personal growth at a discount or free (workshops range from $49-$100+).
  • Online Community. We have weekly, focused discussion on a topic, some led by members, to encourage deep, vulnerable conversation, not small talk.

Visit the Empowered Sisterhood website to learn more.

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About the Host

The Empowered Sisterhood community is hosted by Judy Lee Photography. Judy is a Transformative Portrait photographer who creates spaces for women to show up as their true selves. She does through portrait sessions for self-reflection and growth, events, and workshops focused on authentic and vulnerable connection to self and others, and as a WomanSpeak leader where women learn to trust their voices and speak their truths.

Judy's philosophy is that learning to love and accept ourselves just as we are is the first and most important step in transforming your life.

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